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Pronatal -30 Tablets-

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Pronatal Tablets are used for women pregnant or planning to have a baby. It is especially important because the healthier a mother is, the stronger her baby will be. During this specific time the mother’s need for micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements increases significantly as her body undergoes dramatic changes to support her child’s early development.
Pronatal is a balanced combination of micronutrients including folic acid. It is recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for women planning to become pregnant.

Pronatal Tablets:
Covers the increased need of micronutrients before, during and after pregnancy
Protects against embryonal neural tube diseases of the fetus
Prevents iron anaemia during pregnancy
Prevents pregnancy-related diseases
Lowers risk of complications at delivery
Rebalances the level of vitamins, minerals and trace elements often depleted by diets, poor nutrition, use of oral contraceptives or previous pregnancies


1 tablet daily, in the morning, with breakfast , with some liquid.

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