Oppo Plastic Cervical Collar-Primary 4290

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Neck support

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  • Two-piece Structure: Two-piece plastic construction, ideal for easy cleaning, designed for firm stabilization and immobilization; engineered for more simplicity and high quality.
  • Click Mechanism: The user-friendly design provides flexibility in making height adjustment, and indicator of an ideal position.
  • Protective Bumper: Softly and securely supports the chin and reduces the pressure on the clavicle.
  • Fibre contents: 80% PP,15% TPR,5% Nylon.
  • Application: Whiplash syndrome, Cervical disk dysfunction and Cervical spondylosis.

Sizing: Measure around the circumference of the neck.
One Size Fits All: Visible score lines and adjustable sizing strap allow for a customized fit for all patients.

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