Onykoleïne Sanitizing Solution Hands & Feet Nails 10ml

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Deficient nails require a supply of nutritive and tonic elements.
Onykoleine contains N.A.D. (Natural Activator of Danders) that stimulates the production of keratin, associated with a complex of essential oil of tea tree and lipesters (patented agent) that create an environment unfavorable to the development of fungi.

Can be used associated to anti-fungal treatment to optimize its effects, or in prevention of fungal nail.

Fragilized nails care and infected by funghli.

Once a day, apply with the brush a thin layer on the nail (clean and dry, without nail polish). Massage until completely absorbed.
Use until complete renewal of the nail (4-8 months for fingernails and 6-12 months for the feet).

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