Nuxe Body Melting Body Scrub -200ml-

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Nuxe Body Melting Body Scrub -200ml- This thick, rich cream with Orange Blossom and Almond Blossom petals and 100% plant-based exfoliants (Orange, Lychee and Walnut) effectively sloughs of dead cells, refines the skin’s texture and leaves skin velvet soft.
An exfoliating body scrub cream that combines different grain sizes for soft, smooth skin that feels like it’s new.

Can be used routinely for a smoother skin, before shaving for a softer shave, or to decrease appearance of cellulite.

Apply this Melting Body Scrub to moist skin once or twice a week.
Massage in gently, paying particular attention to rough areas (elbows, feet, knees), then rinse off with plenty of water.

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