Nutrisante Force G Naturelle 56Tablets

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Energizing And Fortifying Complex

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Lack of tone, of force or energy? Forge G is a concentrate of energy bringing together in a single bulb 3 stimulants of natural origin:

1 – The GINSENG: renowned for its exceptional power energizing and revitalizing, helps:

• improve physical and mental performance.

• strengthens the body, during the changing seasons.

2 – The ginger: it is aphrodisiac properties, but it is above all an excellent tonic, invigorating and energizing.

In addition, it helps to strengthen natural defences, it helps to fight the tiredness.

3 – The GUARANA: has properties stimulating and toning contributes to act against the brain fatigue, restoring the energy of the body to improve the resistance.


2 hard capsules a day with a glass of water at meal time.
We advise a 15 day treatment to help you rediscover health and energy.

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