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Redensifying, anti-sagging body JuvaGH-1200

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After weight loss, with age, when the power is inadequate or absence of physical activity, the figure loses its definition and its tone. This is largely due to a loss of muscle firmness and elasticity of the skin. Particularly affected areas are the neck, arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks and knees.
In the muscle, there is a muscle wasting. At the level of the skin, decreased production of collagen * and elastin fibers ** implies a slump in little areas supported by collagen.

The major innovation of Isocine-Firming ™ is the development of a complex, JuvaGH-1200 ™, which contains two specific amino acids, arginine and lysine. Their adequate and scientifically studied dosage, enables the synthesis of fibers via a specific protein. With it, the cells are stimulated, the production of collagen and muscle fibers is boosted.
The JuvaGH-1200 ™ complex also contains glutamine, amino acid precursor of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight against free radicals responsible for skin aging.

Laboratories NHCO Nutrition ® developed two other innovative complex formula for Isocine-Firming ™: Fibrotens-2100 ™ and Myostim BCAA ™.

  • Fibrotens-2100 ™ consists of hydrolyzed collagen, proline and glycine, raw materials of collagen and elastin, to facilitate their synthesis and thus improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It contains vitamin C, which contributes to the good formation of collagen. Associated with vitamin A and zinc, Fibrotens-2100 ™ helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Myostim BCAA ™ contains important nutrients leucine, isoleucine and valine (essential amino acids), which allow the redensify muscle toning the silhouette. Vitamins D and B6 associated with complex promotes protein metabolism, helping to preserve muscle function.

Finally, Isocine-Firming ™ contains hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration and elasticity of the skin, essential for its firmness and radiance. Isocine-Firming ™ helps your body to regain its firmness, skin elasticity, allowing you to regain a more youthful and toned silhouette.
Collagen is a fibrous connective tissue protein, it is inextensible and gives a stretch-resistance fabrics.
Elastin is a fibrous protein that, unlike collagen, has elastic properties. Production of these fibers decreases with age.


  • Anti-sagging body
  • Tensor effect – Redensifying
  • Contributes to strengthening the dermal and muscle tissue
  • Helps reduce sagging skin
  • Promotes the elasticity and skin hydration
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers
  • Helps maintain a toned figure

In the morning, at breakfast or in the evening before meals, mix 2 scoops of powder in a glass of water, stir and then swallow.

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