Natural Collagen Inventia Facial Washing Gel -250ml

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Collagen Facial Washing Gel is recommended for all skin types, also for sensitive and tired skin, expecting to improve its firmness and freshness. The unique natural collagen face wash gel provides the skin with proper nutrition hydration while the special natural collagen composition of delicate cleansing substances allows irritation free wahing of your face. The natural collagen face wash gel makes washing your face comfortable.

  • Paraben free & preservatives free
  • The only stabilizers that it contains are antioxidants and standardized substances used as food additives
  • Does not contain SLS group soaps which are commonly used in even the most expensive products of this type and in cosmetics for children
  • Was used in the place of prestigious and the best active substances which are usually reserved by beauty scientists for leading anti-wrinkle creams
  • Its composition was based on plant extracts, fish collagen and substances compatible with skin and mucous tissues, which do not harm hydro-lipid balance and are as delicate as components used in cosmetics for infants
  • The above-mentioned advantages were confirmed by the in vitro test “Red-Blood-Cell” in the control standard of products for infants
  • Natural collagen facial washing gel is a unique cosmetic of proven effect for making your skins epidermis soft and smooth, moisturising of the dermis, stimulating regeneration processes and anti-oxidation.

The best way to apply the collagen face wash gel is to apply a small amount of collagen gel to damp skin. Smooth evenly on the skin and and rinse thoroughly. Do not dry, if you plan on applying one of our Natural Collagen gels. after using the collagen face gel wash it is recommended to use our collagen gel for face.

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