Moustidose Repulsive Lotion Adults, 30 m+50ml

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Insect Repellent lotion, Infested Areas

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Moustidose Repulsive Lotion, infested areas for adults and +30 months

Infested areas Moustidose Repulsive Lotion 50 ml is effectively to ward off mosquitoes and provide protection that lasts seven hours.
Infested areas Moustidose Repulsive Lotion is a special preventive mosquito lotion infested areas, repellent (insect repellent) to immediately and effectively protect the skin from insect bites in tropical areas.

Usage tips
• For the body, apply the equivalent of 6 sprays per forearm 10 to 15 cm apart.
• For the face, spray the product in before hand and then apply avoiding the eye and mouth. For optimal protection, apply the product on the exposed parts of the skin. Repeat the application every six hours and in case of intense sports activity sportiness every 4 hours. Reapply after swimming, shower. Limit the application to 3 times daily.

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