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Melissa Dream for Stress & Sleeplessness by New Nordic US, Inc.   

Naturally sourced supplement for stress and sleep problems. Use well-known plant ingredients to calm you down during the day, or prepare you for a sound, deep sleep. Melissa Dream will help you to wake up refreshed and rested, ready to tackle the challenges of the day.

Effectively helps calm you and fights stress. Helps promote sound sleep. Non-drowsy and Non-addictive
Natural ingredients, used for centuries and well tested.


Lemon Balm: Relieves stress. Works synergistically with chamomile to promote sound sleep. Reduces sleep disturbance.
L-theanine: Creates a sense of relaxation often within 30-40 minutes. Stimulates creation of alpha waves in the brain, causing relaxation and more alertness. Stimulates the production of GABA, leading to more serotonin and dopamine, both key relaxation agents.
Chamomile: Well known from the use in teas. Effective sleep promoter.
Magnesium: Important for relaxing muscles and nerves.  Relieves leg cramps.
B-vitamins: Affects neurotransmitters in the brain, to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Lack of B-vitamins contribute to mood and sleep disturbances.

For adults, take 1 tablet when needed to relieve occasional stress during the day, up to 3 tablets per day. For occasional sleeplessness and to promote restful sleep, take 2-3 tablets about 1 hour before bedtime.

Free from salt, sugar, lactose, yeast, gluten and soy. No artificial coloring or sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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