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Medvial Pylo-C 30 capsules

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Pylo-C is a food supplement supplying Pylopass™ strain of L. reuteri
L. reuteri is a strain of lactic acid bacteria that lives in the intestines, and occasionally the stomachs, of humans.
It is one of the most widely researched species of probiotic bacteria and may have benefits for general health, digestive function and cholesterol levels.
It is a type of Lactic-acid producing bacteria that exhibits anti-inflammatory effects in the gut.

Advantages over probiotics:
-Product stability:
Unlike probiotics, Pylopass™ consists of inactivated cells which can withstand environmental fluctuations. For shipment and storage, Pylopass™ does not require temperature controls.

-Specificity for H. pylori:
While probiotics cater to general gut health, Pylopass™ specifically binds H. pylori in the stomach. Furthermore, Pylopass™ does not bind or disturb the normal gut microbial balance.

-Stability in gastric conditions:
In contrast to probiotics, Pylopass™ employs a mechanism which is not dependent on survival in the gastric environment. Probiotics can be beneficial because they may replace harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. However it is uncertain whether such living probiotic strains can withstand the acidic environment in the stomach. This concern is not a challenge for Pylopass™ as the coaggregation depends only on the binding of surface structures between Pylopass™ and H. pylori.

2 capsules per day preferably in the mornig, with a glass of water.

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