Kelosoft Scar Cream 25 g


  • Scar treatment cream
  • Softening and smoothing effect
  • Prevents the build-up of scar tissue after skin injury
  • Used for various skin injuries, burns, cuts and operations
  • Apply consistently and regularly


Kelosoft Scar Cream is a scar gel that is effective on both new and old scars. It helps reduce and improve the visibility of scars and stretch marks. It also effectively manages a variety of scars, including keloids, non-fatty acne scars, burns, cuts, and scars resulting from accidents, injuries and surgeries.  In addition, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks from pregnancy, weight change and growth while helping to promote the skin to naturally renew and heal itself. Moreover, Kelosoft Scar Cream consists of henbane oil which helps relieve and soothe scars with a pleasant smell.


-Easy to apply
-Smooth consistency
-Proven to be affective


-Hyoscyamus niger (black henbane) commonly known as henbane, black henbane, or stinking nightshade. The henbane leaf oil directly to the skin for treating scar tissue. It however has other benefits such as relaxing the muscles lining the digestive tract and relieving muscle tremors with a calming effect.


Apply a small amount of the cream into the skin and massage with the finger tips for 2-3 minutes every evening before bedtime. You can cover the area with a piece of gauze.

Note that the reddened scars become smoother and more pale, while raised and hardened areas (keloids) grow softer to help scars gradually fade.

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