Green Made Omega Life 30 softgels

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Highly concentrated pure salmon oil

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Green Made Omega Life is a concentrated, pure, natural omega-3 dietary supplement providing high dose EPA and DHA.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential and important nutrients required for proper body function and overall health. However, omega 3 is not found in sufficient amounts in diet and should be supplemented.

The American Heart Association recommends supplementation with omega 3 for prevention of heart disease.

Green Made Omega Life is extracted from wild salmon which is free from mercury and other chemicals, and prepared with minimal processing to preserve the delicate omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants.

Green Made Omega Life is enteric coated to ensure 3 times higher absorption by the body and no fishy aftertaste or gastro- intestinal discomfort.

Benefits: Promotes a healthy heart, supports brain health, enhance eye health, maintains healthy joints, helps reduce cholesterol, supports immune system.


Take one softgel daily 30 to 60 minutes before food.

If you’re taking antacids or other heartburn medications, take Omegalife at least 2 hours before or after.

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