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Cobalamin, or vitamin B12, is an essential vitamin necessary for red blood cell formation and neuromuscular functioning. It helps to prevent and relieve neuropathy, especially when diabetes is the cause. Cobalamin also improves iron utilization, and helps to prevent and treat pernicious anemia. It is also necessary for normal growth and development. In addition, Vitamin B12 significantly improves energy production and reduces asthenia and fatigue.
Green Made Cobalin SL contains Methylcobalamin, the natural form of Vitamin B12. It is the safest, most bioavailable and bio-active form of vitamin B12.

Advantages of Green Made Cobalin SL:
-Highly bioavailable: highest absorption among oral B12 supplements
-Natural: found in most food sources and preferred by the human body
-Safe: no toxic cyanide by product compared to common cyanocobalamin
-Biologically active: no conversion steps needed before being used by the body

Place one tablet under your tongue for 2 minutes until it dissolves completely. Dose is one tablet per week, or as your physician directs.


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