Farmstay Tea Tree Calming Water Cream 80 ml

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  • Boosts hydration and minimizes moisture loss.
  • Soothes irritated skin even the most sensitive.
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Formulated with tea tree biome for healthy skin balance.

Exfoliates sebum and dead skin cells without irritation.

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Farmstay Tea Tree Cream is a hydrating cream with an emulsifier derived from pure olives applied softly on skin. It improves skin wrinkles with triple moisturizing effect. It also calms the irritated skin from the heat while refreshing outer skin and moisturizing inside the skin.

In addition, Farmstay Tea Tree Cream contains 8 types hyaluronic acid that act as moisturizing ingredients along with plant-derived oil ingredients, which help preserve skin moisture by creating a protective film on dry skin. It is the best cream for oily and dry skin that keeps moisturizing deep inside the skin with refreshing and cooling, non-stinky texture.

Ingredients and benefits:

-Tea tree leaf extract is the representative ingredient for skin calming. It helps intensively cares for sensitive skin with damaged inner and outer skin barrier to control healthy skin balance.
-Micro biome takes care of the skin’s foundation to change skin texture, strengthen skin barrier. It also promotes blood circulation to make the skin clear and healthy.
-Centella asiatica extract, madecassoside, and lactose which are nourishing ingredients for the skin. They provide moisture and radiance to the skin by soothing, energizing, and strengthening the barrier.
-Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables softens dry and sensitive skin with natural ingredients, and prevents moisture loss by increasing the skin barrier with a skin conditioning effect.
-Hyaluronic acid which fills the skin with moisture, creates a moisture barrier and keeps the moisture for a long time.


At the last step of your skincare, take a proper amount of the product and gently pat it onto the face avoiding the eye area.

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