Farmstay Black Snail & Peptide 9 Perfect Cream 55 ml

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  • Helps to develop & improve skin elasticity.
  • Keep skin hydrated with deep moisture.
  • Brightens skin complexion and improves wrinkles.
  • Light nourishing texture, gently absorbed.
  • Intensively supplies moisture to dry skin and keeps it healthy.
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Farmstay Black Snail Cream, a face cream with black snail mucin and peptides has a complex effect on the skin. It smooths out fine wrinkles, fights dryness and dehydration, and helps restore firmness and elasticity. It also evens out facial tone, eliminating post-acne and pigmentation. The product has a light texture absorbed well and does not leave a sticky feeling. In addition, it contains five types of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights that help deeply moisturize the skin on different layers of the epidermis, from the superficial layer to the deeper ones. It leaves the skin hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

Moreover, Farmstay Black Snail Cream contains a complex of 9 types of peptides perfectly revitalizes the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and supplies nutrients. Thus it makes the skin healthy and full of energy while smoothing and pushing out deep and fine wrinkles. It likely tightens and makes the skin as elastic and firm as possible.


-Delivers the strong nutritional retention of Black Snail, which endures hibernation, to the skin with nourishment in the body.

-Helps improve skin elasticity and skin texture and prevents skin moisture loss.

-Provides abundant moisture to dry skin, so you can feel the moisture filling up from the inside of your skin.


Apply the cream to clean and toned skin with soft massage movements.

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Fine lines/Wrinkles


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