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ESI Rigenforte Revitalizing Hair Conditioner 150ml


Hair conditioner

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Conditioner suitable for worn out and frail hair that tend to fall, rich in nourishing principles, studied to prevent temporary hair loss and its first enfeeblement. Its conditioning and emollient action makes hair not only easy to comb and soft, but also gives it a special light, an extremely silky touch and a strong volumizing effect. Rigenforte Conditioner rapidly disentangles hair, making it easy to comb, light and non electrostatic. It strengthens the whole hair, from root to apex, preventing the formation of split ends. Hypoallergenic product, formulated to minimize irritative phenomena. Allergy tests performed at the Cosmetology Centre of Ferrara University. Colouring free, Paraben free, SLS and SLES free.


Apply the product after each shampoo on humid hair, spreading it on the whole hair with a comb, let act for some minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

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