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Hair, nails and skin supplement

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Rigenforte with Biotinax ® is a food supplement with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to favor the trophism of hair, nails and skin. The Retard special capsule contains 4 tablets. Two sulfur amino acids based and mineral based and 2 sulfur amino acids and vitamins. The release is delayed and distinct agency to ensure the possibility of a gradual and full use of the nutrients contained in them.
Active Ingredients Biotinax ®, ESI’s patented formula consists of Biotin, Methionine and cystine. Methionine and Cystine are sulfur amino acids which reinforce the keratin structure of the hair, giving strength and elasticity. Biotin helps to rebalance sebum production in the skin and scalp, removing hair problems that result from this condition. Folic acid and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) for hair trophism. Zinc is useful for the welfare of the hair and nails. Selenium and Vitamin E Antioxidants. Copper favors the natural hair color.
The special formula Retard studied by ESI agency guarantees the possibility of a gradual and complete use of nutrients. The Retard capsule contains 4 tablets release delayed and differentiated. The 4 tablets, which may be gastro, dissolve at different times allowing a gradual and steady release of the principles involved and ensuring a sufficient body to assimilate and transport throughout the body and provide the active time, a Thanksgiving and prolonged (called action Retard).

Take 1 capsule daily.

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