Eric Favre Pure Collagen + 10 shots x 15ml Peach & Lemon

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Marine Collagen
10 days program
Peach & Lemon flavor
Sweetened with Sucralose and Fructose
Made in France


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Pure Collagen + is a collagen drink with natural peach and lemon flavor supported with vitamins, zinc, selenium and hyaluronic acid. It contains sugar substitutes (sucralose and fructose).

Perfectly preserved in unique doses of unbreakable plastic, Pure Collagen + is practical, easy to use and accompanies you everywhere.

-4000 Marine Collagen
-Hyaluronic acid
-Vitamin E

Take one dose per day, preferably before the meal (ideally before breakfast) pure or diluted. Shake well and open the dose at the touch of the finger, eliminating the risk of cuts.

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