Canderel Sucralose Powder -75g-

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Sugar substitute

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Enjoy a dairy product at the right sweetness or succumb to the temptation of a homemade pie.
Everyone has the right sweetness. The secret? Sucralose, to taste sugar so close! With only 2 calories*, treat yourself, it seems that it makes beautiful! * per teaspoon

Convenient dosing, sucralose powder is used as sugar: a teaspoon of Canderel is equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar.
Its spout also allows you to sprinkle your dairy products, fresh fruit and cereal as you like.

A teaspoon of Canderel Sucralose (0.5 g) has the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar (5g), but contains only 2 kcal instead of 20!
You use a balance? Remember that 100% Sucralose is 10 times lighter than sugar. If you need 100 g of sugar, for example, it takes only 10 grams of sucralose.

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