Bioderma Sensibio Defensive Moisturizing Serum 30 ml

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  • Strengthens the skin’s self-defense power against aggressions
  • Provides instant relief to irritation symptoms like dryness and discomfort
  • Ensures 12 hours hydration and moisturization of the skin
  • With protective anti-oxidant action
  • For sensitive and sensitized skin
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Sensibio Defensive Moisturizing Serum is a daily care product that soothes and moisturizes while strengthening the skin’s self defense capacity. It is formulated with defensive technology that works on both sensitivities; normal sensitivity caused by biological dysfunction and also sensitivity induced by environmental and lifestyle factors. In addition, it fortifies the skin barrier and its self-defense mechanisms while protecting against external aggressions. It not only protects the skin and reduces its reactivity but also ensures it hydration up to 12 hours long. Moreover, Sensibio Defensive Moisturizing Serum has a light and fresh texture that penetrates quickly and leaves the skin soft and supple daily.


-Suitable for normal to combination skin
-Light, unfragranced and fresh texture
-Reduces skin’s sensitivity and dryness

Ingredients and benefits:

-Glycerine offers additional hydration to the skin helping to hold in water, at the same time
-Salvia Extract helps to reduce any signs of reactivity to localized irritation
-Tetrapeptide-10 and Lipopetide boost the growth of lipids, enzymes, and proteins, contributing, like so, to a stronger natural barrier
-Carnosine and Vitamin E are responsible for protecting the skin from all environmental aggressors, including free radicals, UV rays and pollution.


Apply morning and evening to face and neck after cleansing ideally with a hygiene product. Then massage until fully absorbed.

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