Advancis Refresh 12 Effervescent Tablets

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Dietary supplement

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Advancis® Refresh is a combination of silymarin, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins and caffeine. These ingredients have detox and revitalizing action, while silymarin also present has an important liver protective and digestive action. Advancis® Refresh thus helps reduce the unpleasant feeling caused by alcohol, tobacco or overeating.

When to Recommend?
Preventive and protective action before an excess (tobacco, alcohol or food)
Detox action, before and after an excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco or food excesses
Relief of “hangover” symptoms

Hepatoprotective and Digestive: Take 1 effervescent tablet dissolved in a glass of water before a food excess, alcohol or tobacco. If necessary, repeat the intake after the excess.
Detox: Take 1 effervescent tablet after waking up, dissolved in a glass of water.
If necessary, repeat the intake with another effervescent tablet before
Take immediately after the effervescence is finished.

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