Advancis Hair Growth and Strength Capilar 60 Capsules

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  • Hair strength and growth supplement.
  • Essential nutrients to adequate hair follicle metabolism.
  • Enhance quality of hair growth.
  • Protect hair cells against free radicals, improving nutrition and hydration of scalp’s skin and hair follicles.

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Advancis Hair Growth and Strength Capilar is a food supplement, suitable for hair loss (seasonal or chronic), thin and volume less hair and nail strengthening

Formulated in Self caps, it acts in the reduction of hair loss in several aspects. It has a nutritive and fortifying action of the hair fibers, protects the hair follicle against external and also internal aggressions. Also favors the growth of a dense and vigorous hair.

A food supplement constituted by a proantocyanidines optimized complex. Wheat germen oil and gamma-oryzanol, associated with B-complex vitamins, zinc and vitamin E. The combined action of these bioactive composites indeed provides a supplementary action in the decrease of hair loss.

When to Recommend?
-Thin and volume less hair
-Hair loss
-Weak nails

Take 1 capsule of Advancis Hair Growth and Strength Capilar in the morning and repeat at night with a glass of water. Yet without any obligation to take it with meals.
The intake should be repeated twice a year, preferably during the Winter and the Summer (seasonal hair loss periods).

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