Advancis Extra Cough Relief Syrup for Kids 100ml

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  • For children above 4 years old
  • Comforts cough associated with a coldor flu and respiratory pathways
  • This product is not a medicine
  • Presented as syrup with pleasant flavors


Cough Relief Syrup for Kids is a food supplement, presented as a syrup, that represents a complete and specialized formula with high content of Vitamin C. In addition, Cough Relief Syrup for Kids relieves discomfort of respiratory pathways and cough from coldor flu.


-Enriched with vitamin C
-It is a food supplement
-Contains sugar


-Purified water
-Glucose syrup
-Vitamin C
-Enriched with complex of plants’ extracts


-For children 4 – 6 years old give take 1 coffee spoon three times a day. However, for children 7 – 12 years old apply 1 teaspoon three times a day
-Shake before use and dilute in water or juice


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