Aderma Biology Nutri Nourishing Care 40 ml

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  • 99 % natural origin
  • For fragile, very dry skin
  • Enveloping effect
  • Maintains skin’s essential minerals
  • Tested on allergic skin prone to atopic eczema
  • Light cream texture
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Aderma Biology Nourishing Care grants intensive nourishment and strength for the skin barrier as well as reducing dry patches and itching sensation. Of course, Adrma Biology Nourishing Care ensures optimal tolerance, nourishes and protects fragile, very dry skin from drying out.

-Light cream texture
-For fragile, very dry skin
-Fragrance free
-Enriched with Hyaluronic acid

-Rhealba organic oat
-Safflower oil
-Hyaluronic acid
-Free from essential oils

Apply Aderma Biology Nourishing Care in the morning or/and evening to cleansed skin. It can be used with hydrating cream depending on your skin’s needs.


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