3 Claveles Latex Sponge


Make-up sponge

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The latex sponge is an essential tool for makeup. Used for the application or finish, even professional makeup artists can not do without.

  • With its quality design, 3Claveles Sponge Latex is an indispensable ally for your makeup.
  • 3Claveles Sponge Latex is a high performance professional equipment.
  • Its round shape 7cm can cover large areas across the face.
  • Flexible and durable, it can be put “tip” to treat an area more precisely (button, scar …).
  • It allows to correctly dose the foundation, without absorb everything. It brings the desired covering for a uniform and consistent finish.
  • Easy care, simply clean it after each use with warm water and mild soap.

We will use 3Claveles Latex Sponge to apply a foundation course, but also to erase a surplus, apply powder or standardize and ease the final makeup too thick or chalky. 3Claveles Sponge Latex is a product guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship under normal use.

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