Natura House Power Energy provides super energy.

Natura House Power Energy 300mg x 20Capsule N°1, 408mg x 20 Capsule N°2

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Food supplement

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Power Energy is a natural food supplement for super energy.


No side effects

Safe for diabetics patient


Two capsule types: Capsule N°1 and Capsule N°2 (vegetable origin)

Made in Italy


capsule N°1 : 2 capsules per day according to need, better at empty stomach one hour before the course

capsule N°2 : 1 capsule per day according to need



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      Capsule N°1: Muira Pauma(Ptychopetalum olacoides, root bark) d.e. E/D=1/4, Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp, root) d.e. tit. 1.5% in β-ecdisone, damiana (Turnera diffusa, leaves)d.e.tit. 3% in Rutin, taurina, Ginkgo(Ginkgo biloba L., leaves)d.e. tit. 24% in Gingoflavonglucosides, vegetable origin capsules (HPMC) colored with E171.

      Capsule N°2: California Poppy(Eschscholtzia californica, flowering tops)d.e. tit. 0.2% in total alkaloids, Balm mint (Melissa officinalis, leale)d.e. tit. 2% in rosmatinic acid, Passion flower(Passiflora incarnate, herb)d.e. tit. 2% in total flavonoids, Hop (Humulus Lupulus, conifer cone) d.e. tit. 0.1 % in total flaavonoids, Lime (Tilia tomentosa, flowers) d.e. tit. 0.5% in total flavonoids, magnesium stearate, vegetable origin capsules( HPMC) colored with E171. 

    It's not a medicine. Do not use in case of pregnancy. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount. keep out of reach of children . In presence of particular physiological or pathological situations, or in association with pharmacological therapies, see your doctor. If it is under anticoagulant or anti aggregate treatment, consult the doctor before use. The food supplements are not to be considered as a substitute of a varied diet. Store in a cool and dry place, far from heat and sources.
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