Swisscare International

Swisscare International

Swisscare AgeSpot Care -30ml-

Skin aging & pigmentation care 

 USD 67

Swisscare BeautyTox Anti-Wrinkle Serum -50 ml-

Skin-aging Care 

 USD 133.86

Swisscare CelluCare Anti-Cellulite and Slimming Cream -200ml-

Anti-cellulite & slimming cream 

 USD 86

Swisscare Cleansing Milk -200ml-

Facial cleanser 

 USD 42.4

Swisscare CleansingTonic -200ml-

Facial toner 

USD 42.4(-) USD 38

Swisscare DayCare -50ml-

Daily facial moisturizer 

USD 83.66(-) USD 75.29

Swisscare Decolcare -50ml-

Skin aging care 

USD 89.33(-) USD 80.39

Swisscare Eyelift Anti-Aging Lifting Gel -15ml-

Skin aging care 

USD 94.83(-) USD 85.34

Swisscare EyeNight Cream -15ml-

Skin aging night care 

 USD 89.2

Swisscare FaceWash -150ml-

Anti-aging cleanser 

USD 33.5(-) USD 30

Swisscare HairGrow Activating Shampoo -200ml-

Hair loss & dandruff treatment 

 USD 28

Swisscare Hairgrow Energising Lotion 200ml

Anti-hairloss treatment 

 USD 52.63

Swisscare HairGrow Revitalizing Nourishing Capsules 60 caps

Hair growth supplement 

USD 43.5(-) USD 34.8

Swisscare NightCare -50ml-

Anti-aging night moisturizer 

USD 83.66(-) USD 75.29

Swisscare Self Tanner 150ml


 USD 39.8

Swisscare SunCare Bronzing Beauty Face Cream SPF50 50 ml

Ultra DNA infused UV sun protection 

 USD 36.8

Swisscare SunCare Bronzing Beauty Lotion SPF50 -150ml-

Bronzer with sun protection 

 USD 44.62

Swisscare SunCare Bronzing Beauty Oil Spray SPF15 -150ml-

Natural tan accelerating oil 

 USD 40.16

Swisscare XLEyelash LASH Lengthening & Conditioning Serum -5ml-

Lash Care 

USD 48.51(-) USD 43.66
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