Nuxe White Intensive Whitening Dark Spot Correcting Serum 30ml

Whitening serum for all skin types 

USD 61.05(-) USD 55

Nuxe White Eye Contour Cream 15ml

Anti-dark spot eye contour cream 

USD 48.84(-) USD 44

Nuxe White Daily UV Protector SPF30 PA+++ 30ml

All skin types UV protection 

USD 40(-) USD 32

Nuxe White Brightening Renewing Night Cream 50ml

Whitening night cream 

USD 61.05(-) USD 55

Nuxe White Brightening Purifying Foam 125ml

Cleansing foam for all skin types 

USD 26.64(-) USD 24

Nuxe White Brightening Moisturizing Lotion 200ml

Moisturizing lotion 

USD 31(-) USD 28

Nuxe White Brightening BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ 30ml

All skin types brightening 

USD 46.62(-) USD 41.95

Nuxe Sun Tanning Oil SPF10 150ml

Low protection tanning oil for face and... 

USD 31.08(-) USD 28

Nuxe Sun Refreshing After-Sun Lotion 200ml

Face and body after-sun lotion 

USD 32.19(-) USD 28.97

Nuxe Sun Moisturising Protective Milky Oil For Hair 100ml

Hair and scalp moisturizing oil 

USD 27.75(-) USD 25

Nuxe Sun Milky Spray SPF20 150ml

Medium protection for face and body. 

USD 29.97(-) USD 27

Nuxe Sun Melting Cream SPF50 -50ml-

Face high protection 

USD 36.63(-) USD 32.96

Nuxe Sun Delicious Lotion High Protection SPF30 150ml

Face and body sun protection 

USD 39.96(-) USD 35.96

Nuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant Water -100ml-

Eau de Toilette 

USD 33.3(-) USD 30

Nuxe Sun After-Sun Hair & Body Shampoo 200ml

Body and hair shampoo 

USD 26.64(-) USD 24

Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra Comforting Foot Cream 75ml

Foot cream 

USD 18.87(-) USD 16.98

Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand and Nail Cream 75ml

Dry hands cream 

USD 16.65(-) USD 14.98

Nuxe Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel 200ml

Dry and sensitive skin cleanser gel 

USD 22.2(-) USD 20

Nuxe Prodigieux shower Oil 200ml

Shower Oil 

USD 26.64(-) USD 23.97

Nuxe Prodigieuse Yeux -15ml-

Anti-fatigue moisturizing eye cream 

USD 27.75(-) USD 25

Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Serum 30ml

Anti-aging serum 

USD 102.12(-) USD 92

Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Night Cream 50ml

Night cream for all skin types 

USD 88.8(-) USD 80

Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Replenishing Fluid Cream 50ml

Normal to combination skin anti-aging... 

USD 88.8(-) USD 80

Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Repleneshing Rich Cream-50ml-

Dry to very dry skin cream 

USD 88.8(-) USD 80

Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Re-Plumping Roll-On Mask 50ml

Anti-aging roll-on mask 

USD 57.72(-) USD 51.94

Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Eye and Lip Contour 15ml

Anti-aging eye and lip contour 

USD 53.28(-) USD 48

Nuxe Nuxellence Eye Area 15ml

Anti-aging total eye contour 

USD 51(-) USD 46

Nuxe Nuxellence Eclat 50ml

Youth and radiance revealing anti-aging... 

USD 83.25(-) USD 74.92

Nuxe Nirvanesque Yeux Smoothing Eye Contour Cream -15ml -

Eye contour care 

USD 36.63(-) USD 33

Nuxe Nirvanesque 1st Wrinkles Smoothing Emulsion -50ml -

Combination skin anti-wrinkles emulsion 

USD 62.16(-) USD 55.94

Nuxe Nirvanesque 1st Wrinkles Smoothing Cream -50ml -

Normal skin anti-wrinkles cream 

USD 62.16(-) USD 56

Nuxe Nirvanesque 1st Wrinkles Rich Smoothing Cream 50ml

Dry to very dry skin cream 

USD 62.16(-) USD 55.94

Nuxe Micellar Foam Cleanser 150ml

Cleanser with rose petals 

USD 26(-) USD 23.4

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water 200ml

Cleanser water with rose petals 

USD 26(-) USD 23.4

Nuxe Men Nuxellence Youth and Energy Revealing Anti-Aging Fluid 50ml

Anti-aging fluid 

USD 54.39(-) USD 48.95

Nuxe Men Multi-Use Shower Gel -200ml-

Men's body wash 

USD 14.43(-) USD 13

Nuxe Men Multi-Purpose Eye Cream -15ml-

Men Eye Cream 

USD 30(-) USD 27

Nuxe Men Moisturizing Multi-Purpose Gel 50ml

Anti-fatigue moisturizing care for men 

USD 33.3(-) USD 29.97

Nuxe Men Anti-Irritation Shaving Gel 150ml

Men's shaving gel 

USD 17.76(-) USD 15.9
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