Zwitsal Cream Soap 2 x 90g


  • Baby soap.
  • Has a regenerative effect, so the skin won’t dry out.
  • Helps to keep the baby’s hands soft  and gentle.
  • Gentle cleaning.
  • Mild and dermatologically tested.
  • Hypoallergenic.

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Zwitsal Cream Soap Baby is specifically to mildly cleanse your baby’s skin. Likewise, this soap prevents the baby skin from drying.

Contains vegetable canola oil, which gently cleanses the baby’s skin. The greasy effect protects the skin against excessive drying out and degreasing. Zwitsal helps in this way to gently cleanse and care for baby skin.

With the help of Zwitsal , the baby skin is always perfectly cared for. Zwitsal has the best products for your little one. Moreover, this soap is again very suitable for your little one. The soap is mild for the skin and provides the best care and cleansing. Of course this soap again has the typical, mild Zwitsal scent.


Use Zwitsal Cream Soap anytime you bathe your baby.
Massage gently over entire body, gently lather, rinse and snuggle.

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