Vichy Homme Optimal Tolerance Deodorant Spray 100ml

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Ultra-Refreshing Deodorant Spray for Men

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Get 24 hour deodorising efficacy with the Vichy Homme Ultra-Refreshing Deodorant Spray.
Moreover, it is formulated especially for men with sensitive skin who want to stay fresh and free from odour for the entire day. This gentle formula goes the distance.
Deodorising and antibacterial active ingredients promote long-lasting dryness and a feeling of lightness. While conditioning agents ensure that the skin is left feeling well cared for.
In addition, the Vichy Homme Ultra-Refreshing Deodorant Spray doesn’t leave white marks on the skin, and the light scent promotes freshness all day long.
Also, it is Paraben free, hypoallergenic.


Apply Vichy Homme Deodorant Spray morning and/or evening under the armpits.

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