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Suavipiel Black Men Massage Mitt


Bath Mitt

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Male skin is different to female skin. It is 24% thicker and firmer, and therefore more resistant. It is also oilier, due to hormones, and therefore shows more imperfections and shines.
Its aging is later, but in a more abrupt way. And it subject to the daily aggression of shaving.
Male skin needs care, and not any care. It needs specific care, designed so that man’s skin shines full of energy and vitality.

Massage mitt ideal for the daily peeling of your skin. Cleans, peels and drags impurities on your skin accumulated during the whole day, leaving it smooth, elastic and relaxed.
It also activates blood circulation. Indicated for normal-mixed skins. Hypoallergenic

Apply bath gel on the sponge and massage yourself softly with circular movements to activate blood circulation, on the buttocks, legs and abdomen.

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