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Suavipiel Active Spa Sponge


Spa Sponge

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SUAVIPIEL ACTIVE products help you remove impurities, the excess fat and the dead cells of your skin, and are an excellent co-operation when preventing premature aging.
They are all that you need to get a regenerated and radiant skin.

Visit your own spa daily, thanks to this sponge which offers a complete weel-being. One of the sides will caress your skin and the other will provide a medium-strong exfoliating action, thanks to its wavy foam. Ideal for combination skin. Hypoallergenic.

Apply the bath gel on the sponge and massage yourself softly with the undulated part, with circular movements to activate blood circulation, on the buttocks, legs and abdomen.
Then use the smooth surface of the sponge to relax the rest of the body.

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