Soleil Des Îles Pur Monoï De Tahiti 99% Monoï De Tahiti Parfum Tiare 150 ml

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  • Highly concentrated in real monoï de tahiti 99%
  • Nourishes, softens and intensely moisturizes the skin
  • For all skin types
  • With tiare fragrance
  • Used in summer and winter

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Pure Tiare Monoï with 99% true Tahitian monoï, rich in natural tanning accelerator, this authentic product is dedicated to sun lovers. For an intense tan, its moisturizing and bronzing properties will leave your skin soft and silky. Wraps the body in a delicate scent of distant islands. Moreover, it softens your skin gradually and lastingly by providing it with natural and instant hydration on a daily basis. Before or after exposure to the sun, it will nourish your skin which will regenerate more effectively. It also acts as a tan extender. In winter, it protects you from the cold and winter aggressions; it will act like a second skin. In addition, it instantly envelop your body and hair in the delicate scent of distant islands, immediate holiday feeling on skin and hair.

-Intense tanning
-Fast tanning: 30% more pigmentation
-Parben free
-Without conservative
-Multi-purpose care: Body Face and Hair.

Apply Pure Tiare Monoï on the body before sun exposure to stimulate the tanning process. Multi-purpose treatment, you can use to massage but also for the care of the skin and hair.
Without protection, this product with pure monoï is suitable for already tanned or matted skin

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