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Food supplement for weight loss

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SANKOM Dietary Fiber chews naturally suppress the appetite when taken with water because they expand in the stomach and press on the bariatric receptors. One to two chews is enough to create a cut-hunger effect and there are as little 15 calories per chew. The SANKOM chew can also be used to help intake smaller meals and reduce the overall calorie intake.
SANKOM Dietary Fiber chews are good for improving digestion by helping the development of individual intestinal flora.
They stimulate a healthy transit and prevent constipation. The products are 100% Swiss Made using latest technological developments for a unique combination of prebiotic fibers, vitamins and good taste.

For quicker weight loss it is suggested to consume a pack of SANKOM chews per day with water. The water helps the fibres expand in the stomach which presses on the receptors in your stomach and sending a signal to the brain of satiation.

SANKOM Dietary Fibres is not a product targeted at producing a laxative effects. The technology used to produce SANKOM Dietary Fibres is highly advanced which creates a natural healthy digestion effect.

Active ingredients:
1. Prebiotic Dietary Fibres (oligofructose, inulin): Lead to cut hunger effect, creates satiety effect, sponge effect that lead to clean the intestine and lead to flat stomach, effective appetite controller, helps the development of intestinal flora, improve digestion and transit and helps reduce bloating.
2. Ginseng extract: regulates metabolism and increases energy levels, reduces stress, physical and mental health stimulant, stimulates brain cells, improves concentration and memory, helps slow the sign of aging, helps control and low down the after meal blood sugar levels.
It has a Peachy Flavor

1 – 2 chewing cubes per intake.
2 – 6 chewing cubes per day.
Maximum 8 chewing cubes per day, and always with a lot of water 250-300ml/ 1 chewing cube.


1. Eat a good breakfast early in the morning.
2. Instead of snacking on candy during the period of breakfast to lunch have some green tea or vitamin & mineral Energy drink. 
3. 30min before lunch drink a glass of water and 4 SANKOM chews (result: you will not feel as hungry during lunch so you will eat a smaller food portion = less calories) 
4. After lunch for desert have 1-2 chews. The Sweet taste of the SANKOM chew will cut your appetite.
5. During the period of after lunch to before dinner feel free to have a couple more chews if feeling hungry (preferably with water for a stronger cut-hunger effect)
6. 30min before dinner have 3 chews with water. 
7. After dinner have another 1-2 chews as desert

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