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Pileje Mincidetox 14 sticks

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Detoxifies your body to contribute to the comfort and lightness of your legs while balancing your nutritional intake during a diet.

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Pileje Mincidetox 14 sticks is a dietary supplement that contains:
The Maté Green: This plant favors slimming silhouette by controlling lipid metabolism, but its caffeine content is also interesting to offer better resistance to fatigue.
Extract Dandelion Root: It stimulates and energizes the detoxification of the body and increases the volume of urine by a diuretic which helps eliminate waste and toxins.
OPC Grapeseed: These are proanthocyanidins, which involved the strengthening of blood vessels in the legs and thereby contribute to their comfort and lightness.
A pair of Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium: These minerals are balanced nutritional intake and participate in electrolyte balance, but also reduce fatigue.
A Red Fruit Flavor: The delicious taste of red fruit, gives you a sweet and refreshing drink.

Pileje Mincidetox 14 sticks helps you in your weight loss goal by promoting the elimination of waste and toxins while balancing your nutritional intake. Your legs are light and airy and your body finds an intense feeling of comfort without the customary fatigue.

Dilute a stick in 250 ml of water and drink during the day.

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