Opal London Electric Eyezone Massager

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Eye area massager

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Designed to combat, Sinus Discomfort, Stress Tension Headaches, Migraines, Puffy Eyes, Eye Strain, Insomnia, Wrinkles.
The eye massager promotes fast relief from many tension problems around the eyes. The Eyezone Massager has been a runaway success. Nicknamed the ‘sinus buster’, for the instant results that many sufferers see, this battery powered massager uses three proven therapies to relieve stress and tension:
Massage – Vibrating foam pads massage the temples, cheekbones and around the eye, increase circulation and reduce stress in the muscles. Two power settings for gentle stimulus or a deeper more intense massage.
Pinhole Therapy – Uses the simple physics of light passing through small holes to form ready focused images on the retina, allowing the eye to relax and see clearly without effort.

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