Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Multi-Purpose Dry Oil -100ml-

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Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

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The sensorial Shimmering version of Huile prodigieuse® contains tiny shimmering mineral particles. It nourishes, leaves a satin finish and illuminates skin and hair in one go. It has a unique, non-greasy feel and a captivating fragrance.


Active ingredients of natural origin:
-Sweet Almond Oil
-Camellia Oil
-Borage Oil
-Hazelnut Oil
-Macadamia Oil
-Argan Oil
-Tsubaki Oil
-Golden pearly particles
-A unique silicone-free dry texture, enriched with golden pearly particles to create an illuminating effect. An addictive scent with notes of Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla.


Apply this Shimmering Dry Oil to your face, body and hair all year round, in summer and in winter.
– Apply the Shimmering Dry Oil to your face and body to nourish and soften skin and add a satin finish.
– Apply to the body to capture light on the décolleté and legs, and to the hair to add shimmering highlights.
– Mix a few drops of Huile prodigieuse® or with your foundation in the palm of your hand to create an iridescent effect.
– As summer draws nearer, mix a few drops of dry oil with your NUXE Body 24Hr Moisturizing Body Lotion in the palm of your hand for amazing legs.
– Massage Huile prodigieuse® or over your legs from the bottom to the top to capture the light and create a satiny glow, like a silk stocking.
– A small drop of shimmering dry oil infuses your face with radiance and light.


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