Nutreov WaterPill Retention 30 tablets

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Nutreov WaterPill Retention is a dietary supplement in the form of tablets that contributes to the elimination of water. Moreover, it promotes drainage and helps to purify the silhouette.

Its formula concentrates 8 extracts of natural origin to help maintain a refined and light silhouette:

  • caffeine of natural origin,
  • extract of green tea leaves,
  • Cherry tails extract,
  • extract of dandelion leaves,
  • asparagus extract,
  • extract of orthosiphon leaves (a formidable natural drainer),
  • flowering tops of queen of meadows extract,
  • extract of ash leaves.

Made in France.

Take 1 tablet of Nutreov WaterPill Retention daily in the morning during breakfast with 1 large glass of water for a minimum of 1 month.

To be renewed regularly.

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