Nit Witts Anti-Lice and Eggs Detangling Spray 50 ml


Nit Witts Anti-Lice and Eggs is a Head Lice Repellent.

Fast acting. Kills Lice and nits in minutes. Long lasting protection.

Ingredients: Aqua, Dimethicone, Coconut oil, Lemon Grass oil, Tea tree, Lavender.

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Nit Witts Anti-Lice and Eggs deliver a quick and easy way to kill head lice and their eggs without the need for rigorous combing. Furthermore, it  is suitable for all the family including infants as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. Also, it is fast acting,and has a dual action formula.


– Kills Lice and eggs in one go

– Kid friendly fragrance

– Gentle on young skin

– No mess, no drips spray

– Fast acting formula

– Easily washes out for fresh, shiny hair

How to use:

1. First, apply Nit Witts Anti-Lice and Eggs solution to dry hair, covering the entire capillary surface. And, ensure hair is thoroughly covered with product (dont forget behind the ears, a favorite hiding spot for nits).

2. Second, massage lightly the scalp for few minutes.

2. Then, put shower cap on for 10 minutes, making sure it covers the ears & hairline including the back of the neck.

3. Finally, remove shower cap & comb the hair. Its effect lasts at least 24 hours period. (do not rinse the hair)


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