Natural Collagen Inventia Under Eye Elixir 15ml

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Skin ageing care

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Delicate cream intended for the anti-wrinkle treatment of delicate and sensitive skin under the eyes. It smoothes out wrinkles, revitalizes the skin while taking into account the sensitivity of this area. The preparation is rich in Collagen, Sojadine, Matrixyl 3000 and Most 24 with moisturizing, firming and stimulating properties.
Eyeseryl, which is contained in the cream, eliminates puffiness and dark circles under the eyes as well as makes the wrinkles clearly shallower. Already from the first use the skin under the eyes becomes moisturized, brightened and smoothed. It adds a radiant glitter to your look.


  • smoothes and cares for the demanding and very dry skin under the eyes
  • moisturizes, smoothes and improves skin texture
  • has healing effects and soothes swelling
  • adds delicate shininess and the feeling of exceptional freshness

In the morning and in the evening after careful make-up removal, massage a small amount of the preparation with circular movements into the skin under the eyes, starting from the external corner of the eye towards the internal corner.

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