Nair Hair Removal Cream Lemon Fragrance 110ml


Hair removal cream

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Nair hair removal cream with moisturising baby oil makes this cream gentle enough to use anywhere on the body – legs, underarms, bikini area. With the Nair spatula included, it’s quick and easy to apply and remove. For all hair types.


  • Smooth Nair Cream Hair Remover on thickly to cover hair.
  • Do not rub in
  • After 3-4 minutes test a small area. If hair is not easily removed, re-apply and wait longer.
  • Do not exceed 10 minutes
  • For especially coarse or hard-to-remove hair, saturate hair with warm water for several minutes first, pat dry then apply Nair.
  • To remove hair, rinse thoroughly with warm water using a washcloth and pat dry.
  • Do not rub or use soap
  • Cap tube tightly when not in use.

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