Medisana Foot Warmer HDF

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Foot Warmer

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Imagine being able to slip your feet into a large cozy shaped to envelope and soothe them?
With the Medisana HDF you can do just that, warming your feet with a heating pad style warmer designed just for your toes.
Just as if you were using a regular heating pad, the foot warmer comes with an adjustable heating device that allows you to choose from several temperature settings.
The interior fleece lining feels great against your skin and can be easily removed for washing.

It is important to use your Medisana foot warmer properly. Make sure it is not folded or creased before use and ensure you have both covers on correctly before turning it on.
Slide your foot slowly into the warmer to test the temperature (do not use your hands, they are not as sensitive).
For your safety, the foot warmer will turn itself off after 120 minutes of continuous use.
The use of the Medisana HDF Foot Warmer will ensure you never have to suffer from cold feet again. Give it a try!

Switch level 0 = Appliance switched off
Switch level 1 = Heat low
Switch level 2 = Heat medium
Switch level 3 = Heat high