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Kelo-Stretch Stretch Marks Cream -125ml-

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Stretch-marks prevention

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Kelo-stretch is indicated for the prevention and correction of stretch marks.
Kelo-stretch features a unique dual formula to address weakened collagen and elasticity issues which cause of stretch mark formation and has demonstrated efficacy in improving skin elasticity, reducing the width of stretch marks.
Kelo-stretch prevents new stretch marks forming and reduces the size and colouration of existing stretch marks. It contains titrated extract of centella asiatica—a sustainably sourced, natural ingredient which stimulates collagen synthesis, along with shea butter and sweet almond oil to smoothe, soften, moisturise and nourish.
Kelo-stretch’s unique dual formulation provides a solution for all causes of stretch marks and provides significant improvement in skin elasticity. It also helps prevent stretch marks from forming with 75% of study participants agreeing, and helps reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.
Dermatologically tested. Fragrance free & preservatives free.

Studies show a 30% average reduction in the width of existing stretch marks and; 60% of study participants experienced a reduction in existing stretch-marks.

Kelo-stretch should be gently massaged into skin twice a day during pregnancy for prevention of stretch marks, or applied twice a day for three months to reduce existing stretch marks. It can be used from the fourth month of pregnancy, and is suitable for breastfeeding mothers. Kelo-stretch is well tolerated with 100% of study participants reporting no irritation after three months of use.

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