Quatrefolic FoliCare 15 Capsules

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Quatrefolic FoliCare 15 Capsules

Ultimate Care For active women

advanced formula

4th generation active folate



Quatrefolic FoliCare 15 Capsules

Folicare is a comprehensive supplement providing you and your baby with all the required nutrients , during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Folicare contains the most active form of folic acid , Quatrefolic , which is highly absorbed and readily active type of folate . This 4th generation folate was developed because many people have an enzyme deficency and cannot benefit from inactive form of folate.

In Addition to vitamins and minerals  Folicare contains essential fatty acid DHA , a type of omega-3 fatty acids , which has been proven to improve neurological and cognitive development in babies.

Directions Of Use :

Take 1 capsule per day with food or as directed by your physician

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