Héliabrine Super Active Phials – Strengthening Treatment with Bee Pollen -8 x 5m-

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Hair loss treatment

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Strengthening treatment for hair loss and dry scalp prone to dandruff. To fight against hair loss and normalize the scalp, this serum associates natural nutritive and stimulating ingredients (Eucalyptus, Juniper, Cloves, Lavender, Orange, Rosemary, Thyme, Pollen) that activate the growth by revitalizing and strengthening the hair bulb.

Use 1 ampoule on dry hair. Apply to the scalp, section by section with the aid of the nozzle. Massage gently and slowly until complete penetration of the product. Leave on for 1 hour then wash your hair. Can also be left on all night.
Use 1 ampoule two times a week for 1 month, then 1 ampoule a week for 2 months.
(2 boxes = 16 x 5 ml phials = 3 months of treatment)
If the solution reaches the eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly with water.

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