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Go Travel Soothe Mosquito Bite Relief

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Mosquito bite treatment

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Bite Relief is a natural kinetic treatment that avoids the desire to scratch mosquito, nettle and other bites and stings.
Relieves mosquito bites in minutes

Relieves the irritation of mosquito bites in minutes.
Does not help with bites of a bigger nature that are probably a lot more irritating, like big grizzly bears or an angry rhino.

Technical info

  • Relieves mosquito bites in minutes
  • Stops itching & can reduces swelling
  • Piezo-electro device generates high voltage/low density current
  • Contains Quartz Crystals
  • Non allergenic
  • 100% natural and safe for children
  • Medically approved Long life
  • Approx 3000 discharges

Additional information

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