Fashy Footwarmer with a Special Hot Water Bottle 2.1 L

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Foot warmer slipper that contains a regular size PVC hot water bottle inside a generous sized fleece slipper. Keep your feet warm as toast with these neat and very comfy padded slippers. Novel design that can accommodate both feet in one go!  Washable cover with a strong sturdy German made PVC hot water bottle, the perfect combination. Not suitable for wearing when walking.


  • Footwarmer with a Special Hot Water Bottle 2.1L that maintains Its Shape, in Carton Box
  • Integrally moulded hot water bottle with jointless neck preventing leakages
  • Extra large aperture. Material odourless and recycable. Washable and removable cover
  • Fashy thermoplastic hot-water bottle is a winner in terms of its handling and design
  • Manufactured to British Standard B.S1970:2006

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