Etiaxil Excessive Sweating Detranspirant Roll-On For Sensitive Skin 15 ml

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  • For sensitive skin
  • Prevents embarrassing odors
  • Fragrance free
  • Apply every evening until the desired result is obtained
  • Apply in the evening on dry, clean and unbroken skin for optimal result
  • Can bleach or damage certain fabrics
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Detranspirant Roll-On For Sensitive Skin is specially formulated to regulate underarm excessive strong sweating, without however blocking the natural process of perspiration. In addition, it provides total anti-moisture and anti-odor control. Etiaxil Detranspirant Roll-On for Sensitive Skin with alcohol-free formulation is effective for several days to protects sensitive and delicate skin.

-For sensitive skin
-Applied in the evening on dry, clean and unbroken skin
-May cause irritation during first applications in certain persons

-Alcohol denat
-Aluminum Chloride
-Hydrogenated Castor Oil

-External use only
-Shake before using
-Don’t use for children without advice from doctor or pharmacist
-Apply in the evening before bedtime on perfectly clean, dry and non-irritated armpits avoiding all situation that may cause sweating. Then allow the product to naturally dry in the air. The next day, wash your armpits with water and soap.
-Apply for 3 days to get the desired result. You can also apply it 2 to 3 times a week

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