Etiaxil Excessive Sweating Detranspirant Hand and Foot Lotion 100 ml

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  • For normal skin
  • Hand and foot lotion
  • Fragrance free
  • Apply every evening until the desired result is obtained
  • Apply in the evening on dry, clean and unbroken skin for optimal result
  • Can bleach or damage certain fabrics
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Etiaxil Detranspirant Lotion For Hand & Foot is synthesized to effectively treat excessive sweating of hand and foot with anti-humidity and anti-odor efficacy. In addition, the product has the ability to switch off the sweat glands, which then stop producing sweat for several days resulting in fresh and more comfortable sensation.

-For normal skin
-Applied in the evening on dry, clean and unbroken skin
-May cause irritation during first applications in certain persons

-Alcohol denat
-Aluminum Chloride

-External use only
-Shake before using
-Don’t use for children without advice from doctor or pharmacist
-Apply Detranspirant Hand and Foot Lotion in the evening before bedtime on perfectly clean, dry and non-irritated skin. For the feet, apply using a cotton pad over all the surface of the soles and between each toe. However, for the hands, apply over the palm and between each finger. Then allow the product to naturally dry in the air. The next day, wash your hands or feet with water and soap.
-Apply for 3 days to get the desired result. You can also apply it 2 to 3 times a week

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