Etiaxil Deodorant Anti-transpirant Protection 48h Spray 100 ml

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  • For sensitive skin
  • Vaporizer without gas
  • Long-lasting effectiveness against odors and humidity
  • Provides fresh feeling all day long
  • Light discreet fragrance
  • Anti-white and yellow traces
  • Hypoallergenic formula

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Etiaxil Anti-transpirant Protection Spray is a vaporizer without gas formulated with deodorant and anti-transpirant active ingredients for long-lasting effectiveness against bad odors and humidity. In addition, it has anti-traces efficacy thus providing protection with no marks left. It is tested under dermatological conditions to be suitable for sensitive skin.


-For sensitive skin
-Vaporizer without gas
-Alcohol free
-Enriched with soothing agent


-Aluminum salts
-Coco-Glucoside and parfum
-Propylene Glycol and glycerin


Spray Etiaxil Anti-transpirant Protection Spray once or twice on the armpits every morning after cleansing. In case of clogging, pass the pump under hot water. However,  avoid spraying towards the eyes, or on irritated skin and avoid prolonged spraying. Keep out of reach of children.

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